Trusted by municipalities, large corporations, transit systems, and other contracting companies, Beacon Utility Contractors has been the Greater Toronto Area’s first choice for heavy electrical and communication construction services since 1997.

Our suite of professional traffic signal installation, municipal roadway lighting construction, and high voltage electrical services can fulfill any project requirements, no matter how large or complex.

  • Municipal & Highway Lighting

    Beacon Utility Contractors has installed large-scale municipal and highway lighting systems across Southern Ontario, giving our team of heavy construction and electrical experts the edge in developing the right solution for your project.

    Our complete solutions including retrofitting luminaires, upgrading high-pressure sodium and metal halide (HPS/MH) lamps to LED, and installing decorative streetscape lighting to suit any aesthetic needs.

    We also specialize in building and installing high mast lighting to replace old systems, or along roadways needing street lighting for the first time.

  • Traffic Signal Installation & Maintenance

    We’ve installed traffic signals for every possible configuration. Whether you’re upgrading your existing traffic lamps from incandescent to LED, need upgrading of your existing signal system, or require a brand new signal system to control vehicular and/or pedestrian flow, Beacon Utility Contractors can fulfill your particular needs.

    In addition to installing permanent traffic signals, we also install temporary traffic signals to control traffic at your jobsite. If you need your existing signals removed, we can do it in an environmentally responsible manner.

    Beacon Utility Contractors also provides 24-hour scheduled maintenance, as well quick response in the event of an emergency.

  • High Voltage Installation & Maintenance

    With a highly skilled team of licensed electricians, power linemen, and professional engineers, Beacon Utility staff can construct any large or complex electrical project with absolute precision.

    We specialize in temporary relocation and permanent installation of high voltage power lines and poles, as well as in-chamber upgrades and full rebuilds. Our contractors also handle switchgear and transformer installation, and can install temporary or permanent power connections to run your system.

    Our service doesn’t stop with construction and installation. We also provide scheduled maintenance checks, and react quickly to repair emergency power loss.

  • Electrical Construction Services

    Our skilled electrical experts can build and install any electrical system you need to exact specification, no matter the size or scale of the project.

    We install underground and overhead MCM/KCMIL cables, indoor and outdoor primary and secondary duct banks, and electrical manholes. Our engineers also design and build transformer foundations.

    Beacon Utility Contractors can upgrade your existing infrastructure, or replace it completely with a brand new system that meets your requirements.

  • Communications Construction Services

    With expertise in building major communications systems for large municipalities and major transit systems, Beacon Utility Contractors will keep you connected with the installation of an innovative communication network.

    Our services include the installation and repair of conduit and duct banks, directional boring for underground conduit or fibre optic cable, chamber installation and reconstruction, and fibre optic cabling installation and splicing.

    We operate collaboratively with you and other operational professionals, to ensure on-time completion, even when simultaneous projects are in progress.