Beacon Utility Contractor Safety


Beacon Utility Contractors Limited is dedicated to delivering a safe working environment for our employees, contractors and subcontractors. Safety is a way of life and a way of thinking that we hold to an extremely high standard. At Beacon Utility Contractors Limited, we pride ourselves on putting safety as a top priority to ensure that our employees understand and adhere to the rules and regulations governing our scope of work.

Ongoing research, training and education are at the forefront of ensuring that our employees remain safe at all times. As such, Beacon Utility Contractors Limited provides regular training to all staff and routine safety audits to ensure that we are operating according to standards set out by the governing Occupational Health and Safety Act.

We expect all supervisors on our job sites, whether directly employed by Beacon Utility Contractors Limited or under subcontract, to ensure that workers under their authority have the knowledge, training and experience to perform their job tasks in the safest manner possible.

As a company, we promote a healthy attitude towards safety and have an open-door policy to ensure our employees report any unsafe situations, as well as feel free to make recommendations as to how we can improve.

Creating a safe work environment is a group responsibility and maintaining this standard is paramount to everything we do.